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#8 Cake Apipan

Welcome to our #StayHomeEdition , where we virtually shoot and chat with our muses from the comfort of their homes.

Meet Cake Apipan (@ccakke), the 26-year-old co-founder of popular brands, Rally Movement and gloc.

It’s time to meet the brains behind Rally Movement, our favourite brand! Cake is a fashion icon and co-founded one of the hottest brands on Instagram with her partner. Today, she shares the story behind her passion for fashion, finding her style and Rally’s exciting future.

😎 || How It All Began || 😎

· Why are you passionate about fashion?

When I was young, my mum loved to dress me up. She enjoyed buying new clothes, mixing and matching different pieces and capturing photos of me. Somehow, I must’ve naturally absorbed her passion. [smiles]

· Was it common to study fashion?

Back then, most people didn’t even know a fashion career existed. The study of fashion wasn’t a popular subject and it was difficult to find information about it in Thailand. Initially, I wanted to follow the trend and pursue something like economics or languages. However, in Year 11/10th Grade, I decided I wanted to learn something entirely new – something I’ve never done before. Fashion met that criteria.

· How would you describe your style?

Everyone always asks me this! [laughs] Honestly, I’ve experimented with plenty of styles. To begin with, I was very into space vibes and holographic materials. Afterwards, I shifted towards patterns and prints. Essentially, I think my style boils down to my love of colour. I enjoy colour-blocking and mixing items with a hint of vintage.

💃🏻 || Make a Move(ment) ||💃🏻

· Was becoming an entrepreneur always your dream?

Since Year 11/10th Grade, I’ve always had an online business. It started with handmade crafts and gradually shifted to clothes. Therefore, by the time I graduated, I was pretty certain online businesses would be a part of my future – that’s when Rally was born!

· How did you start Rally Movement?

Throughout my university years, I explored a wide range of styles so I imagined how great it would be to create a brand that combined all my favourite things.

Furthermore, at the time, the women’s workwear colour palette was so dull; black, white, navy and grey on a loop. What a bore! Dressing up from Monday to Friday was no fun at all so I thought about creating colourful but sophisticated clothes for working women.

· What’s behind the name “Rally Movement”?

My boyfriend and I created the brand’s character first before thinking about the name! We prioritized things like colour, typography and the logo – basically, branding.

As we both studied design, the first thing we looked for in a name was simplicity. It had to be catchy yet easy to read. "Rally” ticked all those boxes and is a song by our favourite band, Phoenix.

· Describe a Rally woman.

She’s James Bond’s girl. Sophisticated, smart and not overly sweet.

· Any upcoming projects?

Firstly, shoes! This idea kicked off when I was admiring my boyfriend’s trouser-shoes combination. [smiles] It was a great combo, except there weren’t any shoes like that for women. The shoes will perfectly match our signature high-waisted trousers while creating a nice foot shape and the look of extremely long legs.

Secondly, a Rally showroom. Of course, our products are available at gloc, multi-brand stores and shopping malls, but we cannot fully express ourselves in any of these places.

Rally doesn’t sell just clothes, we sell a carefully crafted aesthetic too – our showroom will be where you can have your special Rally moment. I really want to give our customers this one-of-a-kind Rally experience. [smiles]


· What’s your stay-at-home life like?

Really productive! I’m organizing all of Rally’s behind-the-scenes work like administration, future plans and collaborations etc. Planning the Rally showroom has also been a huge focus of mine.

· Somewhere that you’d love to visit again?

New York! I love this city so much … so, so much! I want to live there! [grins] However, if we’re talking about mood and tone, it’d have to be Italy. I love the Italians.

Travelling inspires me so much because each country is so unique – the culture, the scenery, whatever that makes that country that country. Whenever I come back from a holiday, that’s when I create most of my designs.

· What’s your life philosophy?

I’m not someone who relies on luck or destiny – I make things happen. Whenever I set a goal, I work hard for it and the results speak for themselves. So with whatever I do, I give it my best shot.

· In your own words, what is love?

Love is growing together every day. It’s about solving problems together and being happy together – everything together, through thick and thin.

· Is it challenging to work with your boyfriend?

We met at university so we’ve practically grown up with each other, from freshers to entrepreneurs.

With each turning point in life, we naturally change. Going through those changes together means we’re constantly learning about each other, which has strengthened our connection. Because of that, it’s not hard to understand what the other person is thinking.

Furthermore, since we both studied design, we speak the same language and things click faster.

My father warned me about working together, but I prefer to collaborate with people who know you best. Working together means we can share ideas and see things from various perspectives. Nobody is good at everything, so by combining strengths, we can create the best outcome.

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