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#10 Pinn Jan

Meet Pinn Janvatanavit (@pinn_janv), the 24-year-old founder of The Rolling Pinn, Bangkok's hottest bakery.

What’d you do with a degree in Child Education from one of America’s top women’s colleges? Well, Pinn creates gooey, umami cookies (#cookieclimax guaranteed) and other orgasmic delicacies for all of Bangkok to drool over. Sorry kids. This bold baker is empowering women, one cookie at a time and will be expanding her sweet empire all the way to the US. Her cookies do bring all the boys to the yard for a very good reason – check out The Rolling Pinn ASAP.

🍪 || Becoming a Baker || 🍪

· How did you get into baking?

It began when I was 11 years old and got hold of some May Made cookbooks by Khun May After You. Mind you, this was all before the After You cafés became so popular!

Every weekend, I would recreate one of the recipes. My Dad would always comment on how I can improve and so with every new recipe, I was determined to make it yummier than the last. It’s something that I never gave up on, no matter how many times I failed. I actually finished all 3 May Made cookbooks in just a few weeks but my passion for baking obviously stuck!

· Has it always been your dream to open a bakery?

Initially, I wanted to become a teacher. I studied Child Education at Smith College because I honestly believed I would become a teacher and open my own school.

My ultimate dream was to open an experimental cooking school for kids because I think you learn so much from cooking. Especially with children who are shy or those with learning difficulties, I believe learning through cooking can really enhance their confidence, creativity and imagination. If given the chance, I’d still like to have my own cooking school, one day.

· What’s the secret to creating a great cookie?

I always dream about the cookie first – the exact taste, texture and visuals will all be in my head. Then I look at the recipes I have on hand and see how I can adjust it to fit my vision. From there, it’s all about experimentation! I try again and again until the final product tastes like what I imagined.

I know I have the right recipe when it has that “wow” factor – it literally triggers non-stop eating. I’m really picky with my desserts and never have more than 1-2 bites. However, when something hits a spot, I would keep on eating and eating. That’s when I know. That’s how I came up with #cookieclimax – it has to taste mind-blowingly amazing! The ultimate of the ultimate!

The first cookies I launched took several weeks to develop because I really wanted them to be extraordinary. It had to be different from all the other bakeries in Bangkok. I was so determined to make them stand out and spent a lot of time and effort into crafting them. Now, I’m really proud of my cookies because I think they are so unique – you really need to try one!

· Any upcoming projects or future plans?

Milk Bar in New York is my most favourite place ever and I really want to get on Christina Tossi’s level. The next step for me is to expand to the US because I believe once you make it there, it means you’re the real deal.

A couple of months ago I flew to San Francisco to figure out how to launch The Rolling Pinn there. I did a lot of planning and research on my competitors to test their products and see their packaging etc. so I know what I’m up against. My kitchen is ready to go now, I’m just waiting for my food permit before I can start selling.

Menu-wise, I will definitely bring over some classics but I’ll be introducing some special Asian-inspired flavours too. I’m really excited for this next chapter!

👄 || Bold, Sexy & Free || 👄

· Were you scared to start The Rolling Pinn?

Not really, because I 100% believed in what I was creating. I was confident that my cookies tasted delicious and I figured it would work out somehow. I think it’s extremely important to believe in your own product because that’s what will keep you going. If you haven’t got the passion and the guts to start something, then don’t! A half-hearted attempt would only be a waste of time … you have to go all in!

When I started The Rolling Pinn, I didn’t have any specific knowledge on entrepreneurship, design or marketing. I just took it step by step. I planned all the creative visuals, the packaging design and reached out to a lot of people. Initially, I was worried about rejection but I felt like I had nothing to lose. Through Instagram, I sent over 50 messages to influencers and only 13 replied … but they were the lucky ones because they got a #cookieclimax!

· “Be Bold. Be Sexy. Be Free” – your concept is very unique. How did you come up with this?

I thought really hard about the concept because branding is something I’m passionate about. I wanted it to be personal but also very distinct.

Female empowerment is something very close to my heart because of my time at Smith College and I thought that combining this with my bakery would create a unique combination.

At Smith, all the leaders are women and there are no stereotypes about what women should do – the possibilities are endless. Freedom of expression is highly encouraged too. All my friends and professors are smart, outspoken and truly exceptional. The vibe at Smith really made me who I am today so I wanted to pass on this positive energy to Thai women. I hope to empower Thai women to feel confident and strong.

· What makes you feel empowered?

I feel powerful when I bake because it’s something I’m good at. Baking is my voice. At Smith, I made new friends through baking because everyone wanted to try my creations. It became my way of connecting with people.

👁 || Up Close & Personal || 👁

· In your own words, what is love?

Love is a mix of passion, persistence and patience. To keep that fiery passion burning, you need to be patient and put in a lot of effort … otherwise, you’ll have to eventually part ways.

· What’s a piece of advice that has stuck to you?

Never underestimate yourself! You may feel scared sometimes and that’s completely normal, but it’s important to remember that you are capable of so much more than you can imagine – don’t settle for anything less. I also believe it’s important to value growth. I like to challenge myself and constantly find ways to improve.


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