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#4 Prim Supasara (Primiita)

Welcome to our #StayHomeEdition, we virtually shoot and chat with our muses from the comfort of their homes.

Meet Prim Supasara (@primiita), a 27-year-old artist/illustrator who creates art that makes you want to believe in magic.

Ever seen a mermaid? Prim is as close as you’ll get! She’s known for illustrating beautiful mermaids, collaborating with incredible brands (Chanel, Fendi, La Mer & more!) and creating nature-inspired art. Here, she tells us about her favourite collaborations, discovering her style and an unforgettable experience to do with mermaids. Read on to see part of her world.

🎨 || Becoming an Artist || 🎨

· What did you study?

I took the Science-Maths route in high school but chose to study Visual Communication Design at Silpakorn University.

· Was it easy to switch from science to art?

I’ve always had a creative side – drawing was my favourite hobby and I would constantly seek inspiration around me.

It was only when I met my friends at university did I realize that everyone in the faculty had to work much, much harder than I did to get in. They were super passionate about art, took private tutoring lessons and prepared their portfolios for months on end.

· Were your family supportive of this switch?

Yes! The top 2 applicants would be awarded a full scholarship for the first year of study – I was the 2nd applicant so my mum was very happy about that. [smiles]

· First job?

I worked as a graphic artist at WE magazine. Within the first 3 months, I realized desk jobs were not for me so I became a freelance artist – I’ve been doing it for 5 years now.

🌍 || Part of Your (Freelance) World || 🌍

· Did you always want to become a freelance artist?

Not at all! I used to believe that creative work wasn’t really ‘work’. Creating art came so naturally to me, it was almost effortless. Therefore, becoming an artist didn’t seem like a valid career for me.

Over time, I’ve learnt that just because art is something I’m naturally good at, doesn’t make my work any less valuable. It’s still something creative and special.

· How do you find work opportunities with popular brands like Chanel, Jo Malone etc.?

Reach out to people! When I first started out, I had to be bold and put myself in uncomfortable situations, sometimes. There was a time when I was at the mall and one of my favourite beauty brands had an event going on.

“Hello, may I ask who’s in charge of this event?”

“That person over there!”

“Hello, I really admire your brand and would love the chance to work with you. I’d appreciate it if you consider me for any future projects – please have my business card.”

Eventually, they contacted me for a job and that’s how I started to get attention from other brands. Now, I’m lucky to be in a position where many brands want to work with me … but it hasn’t always been easy! You have to maintain high standards and keep building your portfolio. Don’t give up! The online world is a great place for sharing – use it to show what you’re capable of.

· Which is your favourite collaboration so far?

Innisfree! It’s my favourite because I used fresh pomegranate juice to paint – I love painting with nature. As I drew, the juice dried up as different shades – some purple, some pink. It was exciting to see how the final colours would turn out; it was always unexpected. Nature never fails to surprise me.

· If you could do a collaboration with any brand, what would you like to do?

It’d have to be Cult Gaia. They created the popular “Ark” bag – you’ve probably come across the crescent-shaped bamboo bag on your Instagram feed! The brand draws a lot of inspiration from nature and women, which I can really relate with. It uses organic materials and shapes to create an earthy, yet modern everyday look. If possible, I’d like to design fabric patterns or use Thai natural materials.

· Advice on how to stay motivated?

Personally, I create a schedule that revolves around my clients’ deadlines. Knowing what to complete and by when really motivates me to get things done. I’d also advise to try and figure out when you work best. For example, 6am – 10am may be when you concentrate well on drawing while night time may be best for seeking inspiration. Just find what works for you and stick with it!

🌸 || Up Close & Personal || 🌸

· How did you discover your style?

I was around 23 years old and I loved drawing mermaids. I drew Ariel from The Little Mermaid all the time and tried to recreate Disney’s style. I became known as the artist who draws mermaids!

Everyone would always ask the same question: why mermaids? I never had the answer.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve slowly connected the dots. To me, mermaids only exist if you believe in them. They are half-human, half-magic, so feminine – it’s very hard to explain but they resonate with me on so many levels.

Mermaids have really influenced my style of art. They helped me find my voice, and reminded me to stay true to it, rather than trade it for a pair of legs to be someone else.

· Can you tell us a memory you’ll never forget?

You know how art students sometimes try to create their own aesthetic and maintain a certain ‘cool’? Well, my love of mermaids, although was very distinct, wasn’t exactly classified as ‘cool’.

Not many designers understood my passion for mermaids. Whenever I drew mermaids, I’d sometimes get weird looks and that made me question my beliefs and values a lot. As a result, I became quite shy and felt lost for around 5 years.

It took some time, but I’m now in a better place where I feel more confident in myself.

· What’s an experience that’s changed you?

I think love has a transformative power. All kinds of love – familial love, romantic love, even self-love.

Meeting my current boyfriend helped me discover a new kind of love; love that makes you grow. He’s shaped me in so many different ways. He helped rebuild my confidence and encourages me to stand for what I believe in. Love makes everything better – it enriches everything. [smiles]

· In your own words, what is love?

I used to believe that true love means to never change; if you love someone, you wouldn’t ask them to change and love them for who they really are.

However, now I think love is about having flexibility. It’s the complete opposite of what I used to believe! Once you love someone, you can adapt to their needs and desires. You’re not changing yourself to make him/her love you. It’s just a very deep mutual understanding of one another.

Love is very delicate and the people I love express love in different ways so I don’t have a fixed definition of love.


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